Hello there and welcome to Kuyers of Cafe Island.

What’s a kuyer?

This is a Kuyer

It’s a mix between a tarsier and the embodiment of cuteness. Probably. I don’t really know. I’ve been drawing kuyers since I was a little boy and around my high school years I started using the kuyer creature as my mascot.

I don’t like to take my self too seriously. I did that once and I ended up being a miserable prick. I’m sick of being pretentious. I just want to write whatever I want. Whether that’s anime reviews, little biographical webcomics, a web novel about a depressed college girl or whatever, I’ll write it if I want to.

So if you dig that, feel free to pop in, give one of my posts a read, like or comment and if you want to stay tune for more, hit that follow button.

And oh… Here’s a freebie for ya.



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