Kiznaiver: Episode 12 (Finale) Review

Another phone review because every week there seems to be something new killing laptop or Internet. But regardless, here we go with the review anyway!

Kiznaiver’s final episode was good, it was needlessly extravagant but the emotional stuff managed to elevate the rather cheesy scenario our characters were put under. And yeah, the emotional and friendship speeches were also cheesy but they worked for me. But not all of it.

Katsuhira still being oblivious to emotions made sense, but in the context of the scene his fumbling with his thoughts felt a little, “eh”. I did, however, liked it when he and Sonozaki cried out in pain at the end. Yes that was also cheesy but in the context of Kiznaiver, I thought that it was a nice touch. And to be honest, as cheesy as plenty of these scenes may be and as much as I might complain about them; none of it really bothers me or prevents me from enjoying Kiznaiver.

Was it cheesy that Uruushi drove Katsuhira up the bridge in an action movie-esque fashion? Oh yeah.

Was it cheesy that everyone made friendship speeches at the end? Yes.

Was it cheesy that Maki found the photo of everyone at the lost and found? Sure.

But you know what? I don’t really care.

Kiznaiver did two things that I really like. It told a scifi story that used its scifi elements as not just part of a spectacle, but also to tell an enjoyable human story. And Kiznaiver also had a pretty likable cast of characters.

Sure I have my favorites and I’m sure most people do as well, but I really found myself identifying or really loving certain characters in this show. I lost interest in Chidori after her character got consumed by her teensy romance stuff but by the end of the show I still liked her character a lot. And though I wish I saw more different character pairings in Kiznaiver, the show managed to do a pretty good job of crafting a believable friendship amongst a group of likable characters.

And because it did all of that in the previous episodes, it paid off real well in the ending.

Look I’m sure that we can all agree that friendship speeches are schmaltzy. But Kiznaiver proved that even the most cliched of themes can be given new life and spark by doing something as simple as making the audience care.


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