Mayoiga: Episode 12 (Finale) Review

What a lame finale.

Look, I have no problem with finales that end with some talkity-talks, but even for a talkity-talk ending that was still a lame finale.

I mean let’s recap what happened on Mayoiga’s final episode real quick: Hayato summoned grandma to kill Masaki, but that was quickly resolved by a pretty lame friendship speech, Koharun revealed herself to be the daughter of Prof. Exposition (whom we met like one or two episodes ago) and then people either decided to leave Nanakimura or stay there.

The end.

Does that summary under cut the emotional stuff and rushed through plot resolutions?

Yes, yes it does.

But so did Mayoiga.

So I guess I can do it too.

I mean just go back to Crunchyroll or whatever illegal streaming website you go to and watch that finale again. Go to like 21 minute and 30 second mark, the episode pretty much ended with Nanko saying one of the lamest (and clichéd) anime finale lines ever. She said, “Okay, let’s go” and then the credits started to roll as the ending song played. Yes there’s still scenes that played during the ending but those are epilogues. Nanko’s final line was a resolution and by playing the ending song, the show itself acknowledged that this chapter of Mayoiga has come to a close. That’s an ending right there.

There was no real tension, no real feeling of resolution or satisfaction. Stuff happened and then it stopped happening. The end. The epilogue during the ending was just there as a courtesy to the audience.

As mentioned in previous reviews of Mayoiga episodes I really wanted to like this show, I might have even defended it during the earlier stages of the series, but as it continuously flubbed itself and performed poorly, I began to grew more and more frustrated of Mayoiga. I even tried to find things to like about Mayoiga, even if it deal feel a little forced.

This time around though, I have nothing good to say about this episode.

And strangely enough my only complaint about it is that things just happened.

Like, issues in Mayoiga were resolved in such a clumsy and nonchalant manner that it robbed itself of all tension and excitement as well as robbed the audience of any kind of investment in the story. For instance, in this episode Mikage (for some reason) continued to mistrust Reiji even as he told them the truth about Nanakimura and the Nanaki. But then I guess he just got over it and left the village.

Koharun was revealed to be a villain to the others and everyone was just okay with it.

Hayato had issues and wanted to kill Masaki, but then Mitsumune made a friendship speech and that was it.

Masaki revealed Reiji to be an imaginary friend of her’s, and then she accepted him because the show was running out of time.

And then Mitsumune held his new Nanaki. And then I guess he accepted that too because by the end he was at the epilogue bus.

Going back to Koharun being a villain, that got resolved when Prof. Exposition essentially told her that he was fine being old. And then she was done being a villain or something.

I’m so underwhelmed right now…

It’s not the worst ending ever, but the thing is, I’d probably take the worst ending and anime ever over Mayoiga right now because it was just so boring and lame. At least with the worst ending and anime ever, I’ll have more to write about. But with Mayoiga I’ve got nothing else to say. It happened and then it was done.

The end.


If you ever want to know how to create poorly executed scenes, concepts and lame ending, then I suggest ya’ll go watch Mayoiga or something.

Random Ramblings

Like the writers and staff of Mayoiga… I just wanted to get this over with.

Here’s some random screenshots because who cares anymore.


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