Kiznaiver EP11 - Katsuhira Agata (Spring Anime 2016)

Kiznaiver: Episode 11 Review

Ramping up to a conclusion.

Not entirely sure what’s about to happen but it looks like studio Trigger is gonna go big for the Kiznaiver’s finale and I am pumped. Obviously we’re just still on episode 11, but this one was pretty good too. It felt a little shorter than most other episodes but that might just be me. Content and story-wise I thought that it was pretty good.

Kiznaiver EP11 - Chidori Takashiro (Spring Anime 2016)
Chidori listens to Katsuhira’s voicemail and gets rejected. (Sort of).

Chidori grew to accept her own selfishness, which I thought was great, though the scene in which she did felt a little lacking. And normally I’m all for quieter character resolutions, but seeing Chidori come to terms with herself in her room felt a little weak. Maybe that’s because it’s not actually the end of her character arc just yet, but if I had to pick a weak scene in this week’s Kiznaiver, I guess I’d go with that one.

And maybe the whole, “heartache” scene.

Kiznaiver EP11 - Hisomu Yoshiharu (Spring Anime 2016)
Oh come on now, you can’t be that dumb.

I just thought that it was a little dumb that the group didn’t realize that they were all just feeling their own actual pain. It was pain caused by the suffering of their friend, but I felt like it was too obvious that they were all feeling said pain without the Kizuna System. And I guess in the show’s defense, the reveal of their pain not being connected through the Kizuna System anymore wasn’t a momentous scene that the show made a big deal out of. Though I can’t help but ignore how dumb the group was being.

And I guess in the show’s defense again, they have gotten used to the Kizuna System being a part of their lives over the past few months (or was it weeks)?

Kiznaiver EP11 - Katsuhira Agata (Spring Anime 2016)

To talk about the positives though, I kind of started not loving Katsuhira too much in the earlier episodes of Kiznaiver, but as he learned (or at least tried to understand) emotions and how other people felt, I grew to like the kid. He’s an interesting enough protagonist and I love where his arc has gone. One of my favorite scenes of this episode was when he talked to everyone about his desire to connect and be friends with them, Kizuna system or not. It put a smile on my face (and Nico’s) and I thought that it was nice how he learned from the whole Maki x Ruru arc even though he wasn’t the main focus of it.

There were other great scenes in this episode, including Katsuhira’s bonding moment with Hisomu. I thought that it was nice how he provided Katsuhira with ambient noise whilst he thought about the future of his and the Kiznaivers’ friendship. Ever since Hisomu showed up and became a member of the Kiznaiver group, I’ve been wondering what his role in the show be. And to see him be one of the two people (the other being Nico) who had Katsuhira’s back when all hope seemed lost for the group was pretty cool.

Kiznaiver EP11 - Katsuhira Agata and Hisomu Yoshiharu (Spring Anime 2016)


Minus some weaker moments, this was a pretty good penultimate episode to Kiznaiver.

Random Ramblings

I wish that this show was longer.

I really wanted to see more interactions between different characters. In the earlier episodes of Kiznaiver Katsuhira only stuck around Chidori or Noriko, maybe Tenga. But seeing him with Nico and Hisomu, and seeing how Maki affected his view on things, I kind of wished that the show had more time to show Katsuhira spend some time with the other characters. Like, I don’t actually remember a scene where Yuta and Katsuhira interacted directly without anyone else being there. Or Maki for that matter.

Kiznaiver EP11 - Katsuhira Agata and Maki Honoka (Spring Anime 2016)
Maki looks extra cute in this shot.

Though… in the show’s defense, in a 12 episode run, I feel like it told the story that it needed to be told. I know that we’re just in the 11th episode, but I really like where it’s going and don’t completely mind if it ends at episode 12.


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