Kiznaiver: Episode 10 Review

Here’s a quickie.

So they finally did it. The thing I’ve always wanted. Kiznaiver mixed up the group. Rather than do the usual Katsuhira and Chidori adventures or Maki and Yuta stuff, episode 10 of Kiznaiver focused on a new trio, a trio with Katsuhira, Hisomu and Nico! The Kiznaivers have always talked about how they were all friends, but really, we (and the show) have been focusing more on the couples rather than the group itself. We don’t see Tenga hangout with either Maki or Yuta and we don’t see anyone really spend time with Hisomu. He’s always there, but it’s like they don’t really care for him at times.

The chemistry between Katsuhira, Hisomu and Nico wasn’t the best, but it’s definitely good and definitely entertaining. Their different personalities really melded well and it helped further the friendship that the group treasured so deeply. Would have been nice to see this specific trio be an actual trio before the split-up, but what we got was still pretty enjoyable.

If I have any complaints regarding this grouping then it’s how Hisomu and Nico reacted to Urushii’s story. Sometimes I don’t mind goofiness in a dramatic show, but when tensions are high or when a character is unveiling a tragic event, it’s kind of off-putting to see or hear characters react in such a goofy manner, as Hisomu and Nico did. It didn’t completely ruin the episode for me, but it did bug me.

Now is there anything else in the episode that didn’t work for me?

Kiznaiver EP10 - Sonozaki Noriko (Spring Anime 2016)
We finally learn what that drug she’s been taking is.

Well I guess Sonozaki’s run felt a little out of nowhere, forced and cheesy. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention as to why she started running, but it did feel awkward when she just walked up that edge and threatened to jump or whatever. I mean, what happened because of it worked for me (Katsuhira feeling her pain and the scenes that followed), but really I didn’t fully understand why she just started running the way she did.

Other than though? I’ve got nothing but praise for this episode.

I liked how Yamada was trolling the kids in the middle of class (it was completely unnecessary but he just enjoyed being such a dick that I ended up loving the scene). I liked the scene early in the episode where the group talked only through text. Visually that was interesting. And I liked pretty much everything to do with the first Kizuna Project.

It was a pretty good reveal and the emotional stuff, especially when Katsuhira saw his old friends, really worked for me. I don’t care for Sonozaki anymore than I’ve had, but now I feel like I’m ready to see more of her and observe her personality to see if she’d be just as likable as the others. Because right now, even with the tragic backstory, I don’t really have an opinion on Noriko other than I think she’s the emotionless pretty girl character.

Pretty enjoyable episode overall, obviously didn’t have the emotional impact the last one did but who the hell was expecting anything similar to that in this episode? Maybe in the last one we’ll see something like it, but in a more positive light.

More positive than this:


Great episode. Not much to complain about. Didn’t like Sonozaki’s running scene but everything else was gold. Especially Nico’s reverse harem.

Random Screenie

Kiznaiver EP10 - Yuki (Spring Anime 2016)


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