Mayoiga: Episode 11 Review


There’s two things to expect from a Cafe Kuyer Mayoiga episode review, and those things are dread and confusion. Hopefully not in part of the reader, and rather just me.

That said I didn’t hate this episode of Mayoiga. It was still clunky and the faults of past episodes do come back to bite the overall writing in the ass, but story content wise, I didn’t hate episode 11. I might have even liked it… Sort of. But most likely not.

First let’s talk about the decent.

Mayoiga EP11 - Koharun (Spring Anime 2016)
I do think that she works as a villain.


As mentioned in the last review, the Koharun reveal didn’t really “WOW” me, I just shrugged and thought that it was whatever. It was an okay twist that had set up and didn’t feel completely random. And getting hints of her overall plan in episode 11 makes me feel like she might be onto something here, something potentially interesting.

But, even that felt random.

Mayoiga EP11 - Old Professor Man (Spring Anime 2016)
I’m sure this guy has a name.

Again, not the Koharun reveal, but rather the nature of the Nanaki. I liked the twist with the professor and his age, but his appearance and the overall lore with the Nanaki just didn’t work with me. I liked both to be honest, but I feel like he should have been hinted at right from the very beginning. Like maybe Koharun or Dahara or anyone should have said to the gang, “Hey, you remember those articles featuring that professor who apparently discovered Nanakimura village or whatever?”

“Yeah what about it?”

“Oh nothing, I’m just settings up for when he shows up as an old ten episodes later.”

“Oh okay.”

Something like that! Obviously not as tactless but I get annoyed by random things happening in a supposedly serious show. It catches me off guard, and not in a good way. Good surprises are supposed to be fun, but having crap thrown at you isn’t. A good surprise is coming home after a hard day at work or school and there’s like a naked super model just itching to sleep with you lying on your bed; that’s a good surprise. A bad surprise is coming home after a hard day at work or school there like’s a like a naked super model just itching to sleep with you lying on your bed, but it turns out that he/she has a boat load of STDs and what have you; that’s a bad surprise.

It catches you off guard and it annoys you because now you have AIDs, in Mayoiga‘s defense, at least it didn’t give me AIDs. But it did annoy me with it’s randomness that honestly takes me out of the show. I think that the nature of the Nanaki is actually pretty interesting, but as a clumsily thrown twist, it just irritates me.

And speaking of clumsy and clunky…

There was that scene with Yottsun and Bus Driver Man—not them together.

Mayoiga EP11 - Yottsun (Spring Anime 2016)
I find his sudden lack of a mustache fascinating.

But rather I’m talking about when Yottsun told Mitsumune what happened to him and how he lost his mustache. I thought that the whole back story of him being born to parents talented in classical music and him rejecting that because he has no talent was great. It was one of those things in Mayoiga that I wish was written by someone else.

The Bus Driver Man’s scene with his daughter was good, but it did feel a little rushed and out of nowhere for me and the whole time I was struggling to enjoy and connect with the scene, because like I said, it did feel random and out of nowhere. Misato’s been set up before, but arriving at that scene and ultimate conclusion felt random. And it wish it hadn’t, it was a genuinely touching scene.

Mayoiga EP11 - Bus Driver and Misato (Spring Anime 2016)
A genuinely touching scene.

Fake Misato tells her dad that if he touches her he’ll get hurt, but Bus Driver Man decides to hold her hand and hug Misato anyway because of his love for her. It pained him to do so, but he accepted his pain and managed to overcome his Nanaki, and therefor, himself. I thought that the scene was good, could have been great if it had just better set up.

And I know that I sound like I’m always ragging on the writers and directors of Mayoiga, because I am, but the truth is I feel like they’re just doing what they could given the nature of anime story-telling. What do I mean by that? Well, look at the running time, look at how much the writers and directors have to squeeze into the less than 22 minutes worth of anime minus the opening and ending sequences.

If Mayoiga was an hour-long series, similar to how Western live-action TV shows are, I feel like it could have worked better that way. You still do 12/13 episodes in the season, you give more time per episode to set things up and build character, and that’d probably resolve most of my complaints about this show. Just don’t make Piitan and Manbe unbearably annoying and you might have a great show in your hands.

Mayoiga EP11 - Mitsumune (Spring Anime 2016)
Mitsumune’s Hero Moment.

The one thing that I did like, and almost had no issues with in this episode was the last three or so minutes. I’m talking about right after Misato disappeared up to when the CGI monster showed up. I found the scene where the Bus Driver decides to help out Mitsumune get into Nanaki to be rather intense and exciting. And when the boy came to Masaki’s rescue I thought that that was great!

But again… stupid CGI monster showed and took me out of the show.

If it was supposed to be scary, then it didn’t work.

If it was supposed to be funny, then why?

The CGI monster thing just didn’t work, and ultimately it killed a rather enjoyable sequence in episode 11.


Give the show more time to tell it’s story and a better budget/art direction with it’s monster then you might have an even better show.

Random Ramblings

Theory time!

So Koharun wants to create a powerful Nanaki monster thing. And I feel like she’s doing that to try and help out the old professor man, to give him his Nanaki back and thus give him his youth back. I mean why else would she bring that many people with such insecurities and trauma to Nanakimura with her? For the lolz? I don’t know. I hope I’m right. But if I am wrong I hope that the truth isn’t that dumb.


2 thoughts on “Mayoiga: Episode 11 Review

  1. Bigger definitely doesn’t mean scarier, and in the case of personifications of trauma, bigger just makes it look ridiculous.
    I think you are right about foreshadowing the professor. I mean, they were talking about different theories and ideas about Nanaki on the bus. Why didn’t any of them mention a lecture or something that they’d heard about? That’s all it would have taken in. A follow up of someone finding a book or something in the village might have been nice. And then you would have something vaguely resembling a coherent plot throughtout the series.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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