My Hero Academia EP10 - Tsuyu Asui (Spring Anime 2016)

My Hero Academia: Episode 10 Review

Not much to say about this episode of My Hero Academia other than despite feeling too short, cool stuff did happen in it. We got some set up for what I’m assuming is the rest of the season (last I checked we only have three episodes left) and we got introduced to UA’s principal, Nezu (voiced by Yasuhiro Takato, who also voiced Gluttony in FMA).

Nezu (My Hero Academia)
A bear-mouse-dog!

Oh, and also we get to see Midoriya team up with some of his UA classmates, which was definitely the highlight of the episode for me.

My Hero Academia EP10 - Mineta Minoru (Spring Anime 2016)
Of course they do.

I’ve always wondered what Mineta’s power were. So far in the show we’ve only seen the kid act all funny and pervy in the corners of frames, but in episode 10 we finally got to see what his powers are. And they’re like big squishy balls that stick on people.

Kind of like these things from the Incredibles!


Not gonna lie though, whole time I was watching this episode I was waiting for Mineta’s stickies to explode or something. When they didn’t, I didn’t really mind it. I think it’s actually more clever and more in tune with his comedic character that they just restrain and hold people/things together.

My Hero Academia EP10 - Tsuyu Asui (Spring Anime 2016)
Tsuyu is best girl.

The other UA hero that got plenty of attention in this episode is of course Tsuyu. Actually, out of all the other kids in the class not including Izuku, Tenya, Uraraka and Bakugo, Tsuyu’s probably been the most prolific out of all of them. We’re always seeing her making comments and talking to the other characters, and though we’ve known her abilities for a while now, we haven’t really seen what she can do in action until now.

And yeah Izuku was cool again as usual, not much to say about him that I, or anyone else, haven’t said yet. I’m sure there’s are people out there who would like to see him get into a straight up brawl, but forcing him to be creative with his powers is something that I really enjoy, so for now, I like the limitations. One day I would like to see him being able to fully use, maybe not in this season, or even the next one, but I like what the original manga writer/illustrator Kohei Horikosho has done with his character so far.

But like I said, there’s really not much else to say.

It was cool to see Aizawa-sensei fight, I’m pumped up for the upcoming episodes, I wanna see the other UA kids in action and I thought that principal Nezu was a quirky little character.


I don’t do scores anymore, but to sum things up, this episode was a solid 8.5 for me (I know not really solid). I liked it, but there’s nothing of note that really happened in it, which is fine, sometimes episodes kind of just happened but at least this one was thoroughly entertaining.


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