Kiznaiver EP9 - (Spring Anime 2016)

Kiznaiver: Episode 9 Review

Yeah, yeah, yeah there was that love quintangle (probably not a real word) that was happening and it was sad and emotional, but the thing that really got to me was this:

Kiznaiver EP9 - Maki Honoka (Spring Anime 2016)
Cold. Maki-san that’s cold.

I’ve talked about in great lengths before about how I like the believability of the friendship in Kiznaiver and how much I adore all of the characters. So the scene in the rain really got to me, it was intense, heart-wrenching and to top it all of it brings all of our characters in depressing low low-points. Now obviously they’re all going to come together at the end and be friends again and whatever, sure, Kiznaiver is cliche, there’s no hiding that, but it’s also undeniably effective. So cliche or not the audience still buys what’s going on and emotes the same or similar feelings that the characters do.

The show has built up the friendship between our characters so well and so when it all comes crumbling down, we all do as well. And the reason for that is because we care. I’m sure each Kiznaiver fan likes each of the other characters in varying degrees. Some are big fans of Noriko Sonozaki, some are fans of Chidori Takashiro and some people are smart and love Maki the best. Just kidding of course. But, in all seriousness, I do love Maki the best out of all the Kiznaivers. She was the most anti-social one and the one that took the most to convince into joining the group, and so when she finally came around I got all excited and happy.

But seeing and hearing her tell Nico and the others that they can’t be friends was just a bummer. And it didn’t help that she wore that smile.

Of course there was the romance stuff that’s been happening all throughout the series, which I’ve enjoyed a lot–though I do have some issues with it (and this episode).

I’m a fan of Chidori, mostly because Katsuhira ignores her. It’s not pity… eh it sort of is, but I guess I just enjoy rooting for underdogs. Noriko’s the smart and very forward pretty girl that has Katsuhira’s attention and Chidori is the simple and kind-hearted girl that Katsuhira ignores. It’s nothing special and definitely nothing new, but like I said, Kiznaiver does a pretty good job of making cliches worth our time by making the show enjoyable and giving us the audience characters to like and identify with.

Even if Chidori doesn’t have any laughs like the other characters, I still find myself rooting for her. And so whenever her heart starts aching because of Noriko and Katsuhira, I feel for the girl. Some people mind find her annoying, but I don’t. I don’t get annoyed by people having emotions, I get annoyed by arrogance and static-ness in a character, which Kiznaiver thankfully doesn’t have.

Now onto the thing(s) I didn’t like!

Kiznaiver EP9 - Noriko Sonozaki (Spring Anime 2016)
Just kidding, I don’t dislike her.

Not Sonozaki, I’m not talking about her specifically. I think she’s a fine character and I don’t mind her even though I’m a Chidori fan. But I suppose I should set up my actual point with my thoughts on Noriko x Katsuhira.

Yeah I don’t support Noriko x Katsuhira, but that’s mostly because I don’t feel any emotions from either of them, at least not in a romantic kind of sense. I feel like they just like each other because the show told them to and because they’re linked or whatever. And because they’re both pretty people. At least with Chidori we see her actually wanting Katsuhira and actively trying to reach him, sort of. With Noriko or Katsuhira I don’t get that.

And they have an excuse, they don’t feel. But Nico and Tenga? Where did that come from? Sure, sure, there were hints to it. In the summer camp episodes we saw how Tenga wanted to support Chidori regardless of whether he was going to get with her or not, and Nico showed signs of jealousy. However, I don’t see Nico x Tenga or Chidori x Tenga either. I like both of them, I think Nico and Tenga are more enjoyable characters than Noriko and Katsuhira but I just can’t find myself ignoring the fact that there was no real set up to them liking the person that they like. Or at least there’s no real scene that showed why Tenga would like Chidori and why Nico would like Tenga.

Kiznaiver EP9 - Tenga Hajime (Spring Anime 2016)
I guess he’s a nice guy.


Actually, there was a Tenga and Chidori scene in the earlier episodes. He was staying over at Katsuhira’s and I’m sure that Tenga thought of Chidori as being really sweet when she made food for not just Katsuhira, but Tenga as well, even though she seems to dislike him. That’s a small romantic set up that I can roll with, but Nico and Tenga? I don’t remember seeing or feeling anything that would indicate that they could be a real couple. In fact I don’t remember seeing a reason as to why Chidori feels for Katsuhira. Yeah she pitied him for getting beat up and it hurt her to see how little he cared about it, but there was no real reason for her to like him other than because the show told her to.

I know that that sounds like I’m complaining about the show (because I am), but that still doesn’t take away from my love for it. The relationship stuff never worked too well with me. I cared about Chidori because I felt bad for her and because she seemed like a nice person. But I couldn’t get myself too invested in romantic triangles or quadrangles that haven’t really been fully set up or developed.

The only real couple that I buy in Kiznaiver are these two:

I can see why Maki would like Yuta and I can see how Yuta evolved from just purely liking Maki for being pretty to actually caring about her through her arc alone. The others unfortunately don’t get this kind of attention or development, at least for me.

But like I said, Kiznaiver works well enough for me to ignore the cliches, unlike Mayoiga, which infuriates to a great degree due to poor execution and pacing despite having some interesting aspects. That show, even though I want to desperately like it, makes it impossible for me to do so because of the numerous questionable decisions and annoying characters that it has. With Kiznaiver, I still find myself enjoying the show and caring a lot about it despite seeing flaws in the writing and acknowledging the cliches.

I care when these kids suffer, I don’t feel the same in Mayoiga.


Emotions were on point, but I did realize some flaws with the romance. But that’s probably just nit-picking… Probably. Regardless, I still love the show.

Random Ramblings

Kiznaiver EP9 - (Spring Anime 2016)
Don’t worry guys, it’ll all be alright.

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